• Niansheng Yang 杨年生简介,  Dragon Print: SUAN'NI

Niansheng Yang 杨年生简介, Dragon Print: SUAN'NI

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In collaboration with the Edmonton Chinese Multi-Cultural Centre (ECMCC), Setsuna has partnered with Wai-Ling Lennon and artist Niansheng Yang to sell a series of prints depicting the 9 Dragon Sons. Net proceeds from this project will be donated to Magpie Puppet Club for future programming efforts.

If you wish to pick up this item at Togather Market on Saturday February 10 or Sunday February 11, please use discount code LUNAR at checkout to receive shipping discount. Your print will be available 12 - 5PM on both days. Items not picked up can be retrieved at a later date from the Edmonton Chinese Multi-Cultural Centre. 

Dragon Print: SUAN'NI

Suan’ni (狻猊, pinyin: Suānní), the 8th son, who is often found near incense burners. Possibly every one of you has seen his image. He is depicted as a lion-shaped mouth dragon, sitting calmly and observing the surroundings. His body is covered with flames and usually painted gold. Suan’ni is believed to be the guardian of knowledge and dragon god of wisdom. According to the legend villagers sent a message to the Dragon King complaining about his son, who, according to them, was doing nothing all day long, except sitting and playing with fire. When the Dragon King arrived to see for himself what is going on, he noticed that his son was explaining to the children importance of the fire, and its eternal spirit. He then realised that his son is knowledgeable and responsible.

5" x 5" 

About the artist: Niansheng Yang graduated from the Faculty of Fine Arts of Qinghai Normal University.

Yang is a member of The Artist and Photographer Association of China. He worked in numerous trade shows, designed team flags and logos for many business corporations. He founded a foreign language and art school in 2002 in Qinghai. He taught education management and fine arts. In 2010, he received a National Award titled “Progressive Community Educator of China”. Niansheng Yang is specialized and experienced in teaching drawing. Presently, he is a volunteer teacher at Edmonton Chinese Library.